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HEC recognized federally chartered university and PEC (Green Signal Granted After PEC's Zero Visitation)

MY University is a springboard for learning. It is committed to high quality teaching with a thriving interactive culture. That's why we have established a strong support system between students and staff. They work on professionalism, teamwork, respect, integrity, mentorship, systems thinking and communication skills. We intend to recruit a diverse intake of students – the best and the truest of a kind – as it is our vision to see the institution par excellence in the days ahead.


MY University logo comprises five elements.
Golden Grill/Laurel Wreath/Falcon/Torch/Ribbon

Golden Grill: The golden grill on red background is the true inspirational image of the original at the front of the Roza-e-Mubarak (Blessed resting place) of the Prophet (PBUH) in Madina.

Falcon: (Shaheen) The bird has a special mention in the poetry of the Pakistan's national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938). He used it as a symbol of courage, strength, self- reliance and soaring skills for the Muslim youth.

Torch: The torch is a common symbol of enlightenment and hope. A torch held up symbolizes life, truth and the regenerative power of flame.

Wreath: In Greek and Roman mythology it symbolized excellence in the arts or sciences. A person so honored was known as a laureate, a word that continues to denote achievement today.

Ribbon: Bears the inscription MY UNIVERISTY

Color Combination

Golden: Knowledge and Spirituality
Red: Passion and Power
Blue: Peace and Loyalty.



Choosing which school to go to is a stepping stone for a bright start. Between school and college, you have a chance to make amends if a choice falls flat. But perhaps, the most crucial academic decision you will make in your life is picking the university you graduate from.


At MY University, we make that a convenient choice. The two F words we subscribe to are Faculty and Facility — the former old is gold in experience, and the latter, shimmering new.


We are not here to make the numbers; we are here to make a difference. Like you deserve. Like how every career choice should be made. Like Stepping Into Tomorrow. Make that choice today. Here and now!

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