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In addition to carrying out innovative research and development, the IT engineers and researchers of the future must be capable of comprehending social and business trends as well as envisioning products, systems and services—and the technologies required to make them a reality.

At the Department of Computer Sciences, students acquire extensive knowledge and a high degree of expertise in Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

The department’s philosophy of integration of humanities and sciences equips them with the skills and competence to become the driving force for innovation and application of information technology that is in harmony with people and society as well as the ability to meet challenges as they pioneer new areas of information science.


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MY University is a springboard for learning. It is committed to high quality teaching with a thriving interactive culture. That's why we have established a strong support system between students and staff. They work on professionalism, teamwork, respect, integrity, mentorship, systems thinking and communication skills. We intend to recruit a diverse intake of students – the best and the truest of a kind – as it is our vision to see the institution par excellence in the days ahead.

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