About Department:

Electrical engineering has made itself felt in every sphere of life. The modern era features electronic data storage, retrieval, manipulation, and high-speed computing and communications based on high-density integrated circuits. Modern wireless and optical communications would never have been possible without a fundamental understanding of the generation, propagation, and detection of the electromagnetic and optical waves. The rapid technological advancements is pushing the academia to prepare graduates for a career in the pervasive disciplines of electrical and electronics including information handling, aspects of telecommunications.

Program Mission: To bring forward electrical engineers with strong technical knowledge, high ethical values, and good managerial capabilities to address the socio-economic challenges in their career.    


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

BS Electrical Engineering Graduates will demonstrate;

PEO 1.  Professional capabilities to analyze, design and investigate real-world engineering challenges.

PEO 2:  Sustainable solutions for complex engineering problems using the latest engineering tools for socio-economic well-being of society and help to groom their career building.

PEO 3:   Managerial capabilities with a positive attitude through communication skills to work either individual or team member.

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March 06, 2020
Margalla Hotel, Islamabad
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January 18, 2020
Imperial Marquee, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.
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