Arslan Ellahi is working as a Lecturer in Department of Computer Science at MY University. Arslan holds Master degree in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad. Arslan has served more than 3 years in Software Industry before joining MY University.

After completing his Master’s, he started his professional carrier as a Software Engineer and worked on several enterprise applications and management information systems. His core responsibility in software industry was system analyst, which covers requirement gathering, elicitation, planning, design and training phases. He was actively involved in deployment of various commercial applications on site and off site as well. He presented his company’s products to various clients, nationally and internationally. He holds full grasp on Asp.Net technologies, Oracle, SQL Server, MVC and automation tools for software testing having more than 3 years practical experience in these. In his vision the organization should progresses dynamically and give chances to update knowledge, learning and enhance skills, in the state of art and new technologies.

He has research interests in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing and Enterprise Applications. He has published journal paper in the field of Soft Computing; his Master thesis was combination of Data Mining and Soft Computing. 

Research Intrest: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing and Enterprise Applications.

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