Engr Prof Dr. Muddassar Farooq has a vast academic, research, administrative and financial management experience that spans over a period of 20 years including 6 years of experience in academic, administrative, and policy making positions. He is a graduate of highly reputed national and international universities – NUST, UNSW (Australia) and TU Dortmund (Germany)– from where he earned BE, MS and PhD degrees respectively. During his lifelong teaching, research, and administrative career, he held senior teaching and research appointments at NUST, TU Dortmund, FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, and Institute of Space Technology (IST).Moreover, he has also successfully supervised 4 doctoral students and more than 15 MS students in their theses. His H-Index stands at 25 and the total number of citations to his research papers is more than 2300.

He has the unique honor that his PhD thesis has been published by Springer Verlag – among the top 3 publishers in the field of Computer Science and Engineering in the world – as a peer reviewed book titled "Bee-Inspired Protocol Engineering: from Nature to Networks". After returning to Pakistan, he successfully founded a state-of- the-art research center, nexGIN RC (see http://www.nexginrc.org), which has earned an international repute for Cyber/Information Security and e-Health/telemedicine research. The center won competitive research funding of more than PKR 50 million from different national funding agencies. The research impact of his projects could be judged from more than 55 peer reviewed research papers in world-class journals, conferences and Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

He has been heavily involved in the academic and financial governance/management of IST while he was working as its Dean. He developed strategic frameworks and policies, including but not limited to formulating the Vision 2030 of IST, IST R & D Policy, IST Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy etc. He also served as a member on a number of high-level decision-making and policy approving statutory bodies of IST. Dr. Farooq also developed an innovative Journal Quality Ranking System (JQRS) and a quantitative framework, namely Impact on Society (IOS) that measures the impact of research on society. Both policy frameworks are being evolved in consultation with HEC for nationwide adoption in all universities of Pakistan.

Dr. Farooq is also a graduate of two governance/management courses that were conducted by Executive Development Institute (EDI) of National School of Public Policy (NSPP) for BPS-21/BPS- 22 government officers. Moreover, he also attended professional development courses related to Innovation, Entrepreneurship, IPR and Foresight studies at COMSTECH(Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of OIC), Islamabad.He is passionate by leading a life by design; therefore, he has attended three relevant courses offered by Timelenders Company: Strategic Visions, Strategic Time Management and Effective Leadership through Character.Later, he did corporate visioning of institutions on the basis of scientific future studies and foresight analyses to develop short-term and long-term implementation plans to realize the vision.

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