Dr. NawazQasrani is Head of Department of International Relations at Muslim Youth university Islamabad. He completed Masters in Political science and International Law from Moscow state University (people’s friendship university) in 1980 and accomplished his Doctorate of Philosophy in International Relations in 1985 from the same university. His research was on “Role of the Security Council of the UNO in Resolving International Disputes and Conflicts”.He also conducted a research project on the topic “ISLAM in Central Asia” for which he Visited three universities (Tashkant, Samarkand and Bukhara) in 1981. He is well versed with Russian language and has extensively travelled throughout former USSR and visited all newly born 14 independent states including Central Asian States.

He has also worked as a visiting Lecturer at Agriculture College Quetta and Paper setter of Masters Programmes (Deptts of Social work, IR and Political science) and external member of Viva Voice Committee at Balochistan university.

He also served as a Deputy Project Manager at Local Government in Quetta. He remaineda Director of Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP Balochistan Province). In addition to above mentioned high administrative positions, he headed Regional office as Programme Officer and Regional Incharge of Directorate of worker’s educationQuetta as well and administered different workers education related projects jointly funded by ILO, UNFPA and Government of Pakistan.

Moreover, he continued his services as Deputy Regional Director Academics AIOU (from 2001-2007). He was alsoConsultant of Asian Development Bank to carry out Training programs for District Nazim, Tehsil Nazim and UC Nazims under Devolution Plan of President Musharraf.

He Further served in International Islamic University Islamabad asDeputy Controller of Examination IIUI, Associate Professor and taught various disciplines related to Political science and IR at BS, MA, MS and PhD level and introduced various subjects in IIUI scheme of studies such as Political Geography of the World, Introduction To Geography ad Central Asia.

Research Interest: Geo Politics and Central Asia. 

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