Safdar Ali completed his PhD in 2016 and joined MY University Islamabad as Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Sciences in the same year. Earlier to this in 2011 he joined WISE (Women into Science and Engineering) mobile computing lab at Jeju National University Korea as doctoral student and worked under the supervision of Prof. Kim Do-Hyeun. In his thesis he proposed intelligent techniques for energy consumption prediction in building sector. The focus of his work was to minimize energy consumption without compromising occupants comfort index. During his PhD work he published several international conferences and journal papers. His areas of research is energy efficient building environment, Smart homes, Smart Cities and Machine-2-Machine Communication (M2M).

Before commence of PhD, he completed his MS in Computer Sciences from NUCES-FAST Islamabad in 2010. In NUCES-FAST, he was not only a student but also an employee in the department of IT and Networks as IT administrator, which he joined in 2005.The topic of his dissertation was Intrusion Detection Using Bi-Classifier Based Genetic Algorithm. During his MS he published one international conference and one international journal paper.

 In 2004 he completed his M. Sc in Computer Sciences from University of Peshawar. During M.Sc he designed a DBMS (Database Management System) for PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratories Peshawar). In the same year 2004 he joined Govt Degree Kotha District Swabi as Lecturer in Computer Sciences, where he thought Computer Sciences at inter-mediate and degree level.

Supervisor: Prof. Kim Do-Hyeun

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