Muhammad Dawood Kakar is Lecturer at International Relations Department and is currently enrolled in Ph.D. program at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad in School of Politics and International Relations. He specialises in Geopolitics of South Asia, Politics of Terrorism in Pakistan, Changing Dynamics of FATA and Ethnic Issues in Pakistan. His research focuses on new great game and significance of Balochistan. Kakar has also worked as Research Fellow in a Higher Education Commission’s research project on tribal, ethnic and religious militancy in Pakistan at National Institute of Pakistan Studies , Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. The research focused on changing dynamics of FATA, insurgency in Balochistan and political turmoil in Karachi. Kakar received a certificate in research methodology from Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar. Previously he taught at International Islamic University Islamabad. He participated in several international and national seminars and represented Pakistan in conferences at home and abroad. He represented Pakistan in international conference at Iran in 2011. He also represented QAU, Islamabad in Youth Leadership seminar at Lahore organized by Bargad, in 2009. He Participated in a dialogue of Pakistani, Indian and Afghan students at Lahore. He attended a workshop on ‘’ Way Forward to Crises in Balochistan’’ at National Defense University Islamabad. He also participated in a live talk show on terrorism at Express T.V in May 2013.

Muhammad Dawood Kakar hails from a periphery of Balochistan. Kakar received his early education from Balochistan. Kakar holds a diploma in English language from National University of Modern Languages Islamabad. The courses which he has taught to the date are, Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Politics of Terrorism, Theories of International Relations, Dimensions of Modern Strategy, Introduction to international relations, introduction to political science and foreign policy of major powers. 


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