Message From Patron

Engr. Prof. Dr. Muddassar Farooq

Entrepreneurial Universities of the current millennium are envisioned to become a catalyst of transforming the society that consists of ethical, prosperous, knowledgeable and dynamic individuals. If the Universities are viewed as only elitist laboratories of cutting edge research that play no role in transforming the lives of their people, then this irrelevance will make them "dinosaurs" in the eyes of their stakeholders: students, parents, employers, and public policy makers.

 In order to create a positive impact on society, we @ MY University want to “Groom visionaries for social, economic and spiritual well-being of societies”.  If you have a vision to do disruptive innovations and inventions, we have a world class faculty that will make you exponential thinkers to achieve this nobility.  If you have a passion to undertake society relevant complex engineering and science projects with an Entrepreneurial mindset, we have practicing entrepreneurs who will transform you from “job seekers” to “job creators”.  If you want to do undertake challenging social science and international relation projects, our qualified faculty will make you “global leaders” among the galaxy of accomplished individuals of the world. Join MY University to embark on a journey that no one has dared to tread before.


VC, MY University