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Humanity is experiencing its golden era where we have been able to solve so many issues and make our lives comfortable and longer. Most of their extra ordinary solutions were made possible due to the support provided by computer scientist in developing tools, algorithms and systems which not only enhanced the existing engineering domains but also provided better computing platforms for solving problems reliability and efficiently. Complex analysis could be performed instantaneously. Role of computer science is not only restricted to engineering but it also helping us in better understanding our history, archiving it and analyzing it of marking well informed decisions. From security surveillance to mars missions are all powered by  people working in the computer science domain. Every day new horizons are being discovered and the need to develop human resource for these application areas is an uphill task.
Computer Science graduates can get jobs not only in software houses but they are required by almost all types of business and organizations. We in My School of Computer Science believe that by enabling our students with practical hands on experience in computing domain, we provide them access to the echelons of national and international organizations. Our efforts are focused at exposing students to theory and its relevant implementation and application in real world scenarios. This is achieving by lecturing and conducting lab sessions where we stimulates their cognitive as well as psychomotor skills.

The Course

CS graduates and engineers may collaborate to address important problems and challenges in several fields. For example, they suggest to develop the advanced medical imaging systems used by physicians today, requires computer scientists to develop sensor and image processing algorithms, software and computer engineers to develop the integrated software hardware systems. As computing, communications and entertainment "converge" (for example iPhones support audio communications, internet access, email, music and movie playing, etc.), computer scientists are needed to develop sophisticated database techniques for managing complex and enormous databases, software and computer engineers to design devices, interfaces, power supplies, etc., information systems specialists to organize and adapt systems that track and meet customer demands, and communications engineers to develop wireless solutions.

Learning Outcome

Communication skills, ability and experience of transposing complex and technical ideas in simple means and methods.
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Strong numerical understanding and skills
  • Innovative problem solving ideas
  • Programming and building businesses


Civil service, local authorities and other public sector organizations, both national and international, universities and colleges, manufacturing and commercial companies, financial institutions (especially in risk assessment and management), solicitors' firms, publishing companies and media employers, Foreign service officer, policy developers, writer/researcher, information officer, and research analyst. Also NGOs, think-tanks, consultancies and voluntary/campaigning organizations may welcome you as a short- or long-term inter.


Computer Science Lab

Over the centuries educational institutions have earned international respect for being centers of learning, for originating fundamental advances in faculties like physics and computer sciences as far back as 1945. For example the first Computer Laboratory was founded in 1937 (as the Mathematical Laboratory) for work on mechanical calculators and analogue computers.

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