Department of Electrical Engineering

In the current age of rapid progress, only those fired with a passion to excel can aspire for a respectable survival. We at Muslim Youth University are committed to provide first-rate engineering education in Pakistan. The Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the most prestigious schools of learning in the field of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan.
The Department aspires that its students be better prepared to handle modern-life challenges therefore it is continuously striving to improve quality of education and research.
The undergraduate courses have been designed to build a strong foundation in various fields of Electrical Engineering. The focus of our industry-oriented curriculum is to ensure that graduates are able to fulfil the job requirements of the local and global industry. The incorporation of R&D (Research & Development) practices and academics will guarantee ground-breaking solutions to contemporary problems. This field covers a range of sub-disciplines including those that deal with power, optoelectronics, digital electronics, analogue electronics, artificial intelligence, control systems, electronics, advance electronics, signal processing and telecommunication. 
The desired output of the course is to produce graduates who are able to handle technically the ever-growing and ever-changing challenges in the field of Electrical Engineering. The aim is also to provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering, equips students to handle latest research issues.  
The Department supports five state of the art teaching and research laboratories. These laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment that supplements the theory to meet the study objectives.
The Department has a well-stocked and up-to-date library for the use of the faculty and students. The Department also arranges frequent seminars and workshops in various areas of electrical, electronics, computer and control system engineering. 

Electrical Engineering Lab

The labs allow the students to master the use of electrical instruments and construct and/or solder several circuits. This course represents a real hands-on laboratory course in introductory electronics. In it, the students will learn how to use the instruments every electrical engineer needs to know: the oscilloscope, function generator and multi-meter. The course develops basic skills in constructing and measuring electrical circuits using modern laboratory instruments. You will have the knowledge to build live circuits and get them to work. No simulations!!

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