Department of International Relations

International Relations is a field of study that is absolutely vital to the future of countries and international affairs. IR is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major that combines political science, economics, history, foreign languages, and other fields. The major gives students the knowledge and skills to understand relations between nations, as well as the internal workings of other countries and the role of nongovernmental actors in world affairs. Most of all, it enables you to expand your horizons to beyond a domestic/ nationalistic perspective, and very few other subjects cover such a broad range of topics such as law, politics, economics, history, technology, communications and languages. The course will make you aware that international relations is not only about war, rather includes peace across the globe.  Undoubtedly, International Relations is a brilliant program.  You will learn so much and your eyes will be opened to global issues, theories and reasons for war, bargaining and all sorts.

The Course

  • Theories of International Relations
  • International Relations since 1945
  • Introduction to International Law
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • International Organizations
  • Diplomacy: Theory and Practice
  • Foreign Policy of Major Powers
  • Human Rights in International Relations
  • Arms Control and Disarmament
  • Contemporary Global Issues

Learning Outcome

The program offers a unique opportunity to study International Relations in a multi-disciplinary department devoted to the study of almost all aspects of war and conflict and the broad remit of International Relations.  The study will also include a wide range of theories and approaches to IR, develop skills of in-depth and critical analysis of international politics and familiarize with the latest cutting-edge research in the discipline.


A degree in International Relations will prepare you for a variety of professions. Since the field of International Relations is interdisciplinary, graduates can find careers in areas such as:
Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Community Activism, Advocacy, NGOs, Human Rights, Labor Unions and Media.

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