Muslim Youth University Islamabad Campus

Event Description

Her Excellency Ms. Naela Chohan, Pakistan High Commissioner to Australia, speaks on Pak-Australia relations. 
Her Excellency Ms. Naela Chohan delivered a very informative speech to the students of Department of International Relations at Muslim Youth University Islamabad on 28th December 2017. She gave a perspective on Australian history, geography and evolution of demographic structure. Then she focused on different dimensions of Pak-Australian relations with historical perspectives starting from 1948 till now. She highlighted that the relationship of both countries have been long standing and Australia was one of the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan, since its independence. She particularly mentioned the role of Australia in UNO regarding Kashmir issue and due to its realistic approach the word “Plebiscite” was included in Security Council Resolution to resolve the dispute. 

Responding to a question on Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) raised by the students, she was of the view that this matter has been taken up by the High Commission to the Australian government and she hoped that Australian narrative on NSG about Pakistan is likely to be altered in due course of time. 

She spoke that High commissions approach towards security cooperation with Australia is now Track 1.5 diplomacy. She also explained to students about bilateral relations between two countries on different areas including politics, defense, economics and trade. She said that the students exchange programs and scholarships are one of the high commissions prior agenda in lieu of youth development programs. 
She gave an interesting account on the “Art diplomacy” and conveyed that she has given the Pakistan perspective on human rights through her Art works. She added that the since her assumption of High Commission office 2015 she has worked in restructuring of the Pak high commission in Australia and intended to open new high commissions at different Australian cities. 

After question answers session the seminar was concluded by Dr. Tahir Hijazi, Vice Chancellor Muslim Youth University Islamabad.