MYU, City Campus, G-10/4, Islamabad

Event Description

The department of International Relations Muslim Youth University, Islamabad organized a seminar on the topic “Social Ethics in the Light of Quran”. Guest speaker Dr. Taj Afsar HoD Islamic studies (Usuluddin) IIUI delivered the lecture.

The speaker emphasized that Islam encourages us to maintain happy relationships with other fellow beings. It urges civility, humility, tolerance and straight dealing with our fellow beings. These values are essential for cordial and peaceful coexistence in society. Islam is a religion of peace which can only be realized when an individual has happy relations with others.

He concluded by saying that, for a human being as a social animal it is important to feel a close connection and mutual empathy; however, this seems to be on the decline due to excessive materialism and the self-centered approach of modern urban living. In order to achieve a worthy lifestyle, we have to follow the teachings of Islam, i.e. treating well those with whom we are connected. Everyone should feel responsive to and respect the rights of others.