Quality Enhancement Cell


Muslim Youth University believes that quality in higher education is dynamic entity and therefore various factors that determine quality of higher education must set in equilibrium at a level that matches with international expectations and standards. These factors include, leadership, quality of faculty, quality of students, curriculum, infrastructure facilities, research and learning environment, governance, strategic planning, assessment procedures, industrial collaborations and relevance to market forces.

QEC has been established at MYU to address the quality concerns in all programs under the guidelines of Higher Education Commission.


  • The development of a program of activities to institutionalize a quality culture in higher education and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • The development and implementation of initiatives to build and strengthen the capacity for high quality provision at institutional, learning program and individual levels.
  • Measurement of the expected outcome/performance from individual faculty member through standard internationally evaluated and tested procedures after having provided the requisite teaching and research infrastructure and facilities.
  • Measurement of the performance of each Academic Department/Institute/Center through conducting annual review based on the standard parameters set for this purpose.
  • Regular assessment and review of the Muslim Youth University (MY) in order to assure the quality of the teaching staff and the teaching and training provisions provided to the students


  1. The quality enhancement cell (QEC) is headed by the Dean QEC who is reporting directly to Vice Chancellor of the University. The Dean QEC is correspondent with the outside bodies and is responsible for Internal Academic Audit as well.
  2. QEC is responsible for promoting public confidence that the quality and standards of the award of degrees are enhanced and safeguarded.
  3. QEC is responsible for the review of quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.
  4. QEC is responsible for the review of academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of program.
  5. QEC is responsible for defining clear and explicit standards as points of reference to the reviews to be carried out. It should also help the employees to know as to what they could expect from candidates.
  6. QEC is responsible to develop qualifications framework by setting out the attributes and abilities that can be expected from the holder of a qualification, i.e. Master's, M. Phil., Doctoral.
  7. QEC is responsible to develop program specifications. These are standard set of information clarifying what knowledge, understanding, skills and other attributes a student will have developed on successfully completing a specific program.
  8. QEC is responsible to develop quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation to affirm that the quality of provision and the standard of awards are being maintained and to foster curriculum, subject and staff development, together with research and other scholarly activities.
  9. QEC is responsible to ensure that the university's quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place nationally for maintaining and improving the quality of Higher Education.
  10. QEC is responsible to develop procedures for the following:
  • Approval of new program
  • Annual Monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, Faculty monitoring, and student perceptions
  • Departmental review
  • Student feedback
  • Employer feedback
  • Quality assurance of Master's, M. Phil and PhD degree programs
  • Subject review
  • Institutional assessment
  • Program specifications
  • x.Qualification frame work

Quality Enhancement Cell

 Prof.Dr. Kamran Muzaffar Khan
 Dean Faculty of Engineering
 School of Civil Engineering
 Engr. Iftikhar Mehmood
 Assistant Professor
 School of Electrical Engineering
 Engr. Izza Rasul
 Lab Engineer
 School of Computer Science
 Mr. Mati-Ur-Rehman
 School of International Relations
 Prof.Dr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan Butt
 School of Peace And Conflict Studies
 Prof.Dr. M. Nawaz Qaisrani



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