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Our sportsmen and women have achieved some truly historic sporting highlights in the past.Leisure, play, and recreation, are driving forces behind the experience of pleasure.There are three primary ways in which to consider leisure: leisure as time, leisure as activity, and leisure as state of mind.However, what may be a leisure experience for one person may not be for another. Play, on the other hand is imaginative, intrinsically motivated, non-serious, freely chosen, and actively engaging. Often rules and regulations are followed unless you chose to play like children driving fun out of spontaneity and joyfulness. Recreational activity is undertaken during free time for simple enjoyment and with some social worth and value as well. A few examples of recreational activities are sports, music, games, travel, reading, arts and crafts, and dance (depends who you are and where you are!).If you are the sporty type or fitness conscious there are several sports and health centre in Islamabad and G-10 (where MYU is located) for you to chose from. Surely these are designed to provide positive outcomes. The Pakistan Sports Complex has a secured area with many facilities. Jog, walk or just enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area.

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