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About Department:

The Faculty of Fashion Designing & Fine Arts at MY University, has modern and state of the art facilities. The Faculty aims to produce highly skilled entrepreneurs who can meet the demands of local and international markets. Our programs focus on creativity, innovation, learning new skills, and making students able to introduce innovative techniques in the Fashion and Designing.

Students are able to get technical knowledge through an intensive curriculum. The courses are a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and, the focus is on research. The enthusiastic fashion and textile designers and artists are trained and prepared in such a way that they can face the challenges pertaining to industry and economy and can be successful entrepreneurs.

In addition to the technical skills students get, our curriculum also includes courses in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship to equip students with business and marketing knowledge.

We also maintain strong links with the industry and arrange Industry-based and craft-interventionist internships to provide students the opportunities of getting practical knowledge. The department maintains hand looms, printing and dyeing facilities as well as a computer lab for technological solutions.

If you have passion for fashion, textile, or fine arts and have a creative mindset, our following degree programs will give you an opportunity to learn new trends in the field, practical knowledge, and requisite skills and expertise to meet the challenges of competitive market and hunt down new opportunities.    


  • ADP Fine Arts and Fashion Designing
  • ADP Home Economics
  • BS Fine Arts
  • BS Fashion Designing.

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