Prof. Dr Zahiruddin Khan currently serving as HoD Civil Engineering Department. He Specializes in Environmental Engineering and founded the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at NUST in 1995.  After serving as Consultant and Project Officer of NSW-EPA Project in Sydney Australia for 5 years, he worked as Head of Environmental Engineering at IESE NUST, Chief Technical Officer in Punjab Government and HoD Civil Engineering at UET (Narowal).  He has completed several research projects for US-EPA, NSW-EPA and Pak-EPA worth millions of dollars. In Pakistan, he completed projects for UNESCO, HEC, Punjab Irrigation Department, NUST and several private enterprises. He possesses over 35 years of experience as Civil and Environmental Engineer. He has completed three books in the field of environmental sciences and engineering. His 4th book is in progress. Over 40 publications in international journals are to his credit.

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