Auditorium, MY University

Event Description

The Institute of Islamic Studies and Shariah recently organized a groundbreaking Research Workshop in the university's prestigious Auditorium. The event revolved around the captivating topic of (___), shedding light on its significance in today's world.
We were honored to have Dr. Khursheed Ahmed Saeedi, a renowned expert in Usuluddin (Islamic Studies) from IIUI, as the esteemed Guest Speaker. His profound knowledge and insights left the audience spellbound, enriching their understanding of the subject matter.
The workshop concluded with an engaging Questions and Answers session, where students eagerly interacted with Dr. Khursheed Ahmed Saeedi, discussing various aspects of "علوم اسلامیہ میں تحقیق کے جدید میدان اور موضوعات" and gaining invaluable knowledge from his expertise.
The enthusiasm and joy among the students were palpable throughout the event. Witnessing their happiness and thirst for knowledge was truly inspiring!
MY University is proud to provide platforms for intellectual growth and academic exploration. We commend the Institute of Islamic Studies and Shariah for organizing such a remarkable Research Workshop, fostering a culture of research and critical thinking among our students.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates and enriching events at MY University. Let's continue to embrace knowledge and create a brighter future together!
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