Muslim Youth University, Islamabad

Event Description

uslim Youth University has organized a seminar on Thursday 08th November, 2018 on the topic of Rules of Success. Mr. Muhammad Asif who is a debtor, a motivational speaker and a compare as well, was the guest speaker.

Mr. Asif talked about the topic in fowling points and encourage the student to try for success:

  1. Becoming a successful person you have to speak truth and avoid the lies.
  2. Stop trying is a failure, so you have to overcome your fears and keep trying for the best.
  3. Set your DO and DON’T of life
  4. Self Believe
  5. Don’t lose hope
  6. Explore your self
  7. Success is satisfaction
  8. Do more with your life
  9. Keep motivating yourself
  10. Set your limits
  11. Work Smart
  12. Hard work always pays off

At the end, acting HoD CS Dr. Fawaz Saleem Bokhari thanked the guest with concluding remarks.