City Campus of Muslim Youth University G-10/4, Islamabad

Event Description

The Department of Computer Science of Muslim Youth University, Islamabad organized a Seminar on the topic of Water is Life and Effects of Contaminated water.

The seminar held at the City Campus of Muslim Youth University G-10/4, Islamabad

The Guest Speaker of the Seminar was Mr. Waseem Baig, he is speaker at public gatherings, different clubs like Lion's Club, Rotery Clubs and working in this cause from last three years for the betterment of our society.

Mr. Waseem Baig highlighted the critical water issues and extensive, carefully chosen data on the spatial and temporal distribution of the world's fresh water resources. He provided an overview of global water quality in relation to human health and focuses on the region of Pakistan. He focused on the lifestyle, cultural as well as socio-economic changes and its impact on the water resources and the connection between the demand and use of energy and water. He presented several charts to students depicting fresh water data on global and regional fresh water resources; rivers, lakes and waterfalls, he also talked about the sanitation and water-related diseases; water quality and contamination.