Muslim Youth University, Islamabad

Event Description

Muslim Youth University has organized a seminar on Tuesday 07th November, 2018 on the topic of Pakistan a Nation with the Vision. Mr. Atiq Raja who is working as Chairman Pakistan Youth Council PYC.

He talked about the Pakistan and its nation. He raised the following questions in front of audience and answered them comprehensively.

  1. What is Pakistan?
  2. Difference between country and state?
  3. Is Pakistan a Nation?
  4. Which country is the best Nation?
  5. Why we are not united?
  6. What is vision and goal?
  7. What is your contribution to serve Pakistan?
  8. What is your mission?

At the end of the session he encouraged the students to read the short history of Germany, USA and China. He also asked the students to come out from your comfort zone, become a one nation and avoid sectarianism and don’t become a hero-worshiper.