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The PhD program offered by the department provides a conducive environment that encourages excellence in different research areas. The students are provided with an opportunity to conduct in-depth studies and focus on research in selected areas of civil engineering. The program is intended to foster high quality and advanced research, so as to meet the society’s demand for high caliber professionals who are knowledgeable and well versed with latest technologies and can provide a leading role in academia as well in the industry. A due emphasis has been placed on the applied and industrial aspects of the research.

The candidate is expected to undertake a complete research thesis that proves the ability of the candidate in generating a piece of original knowledge to demonstrate a significant contribution in his/her field of study.

Program Objectives:

  1. To make students to learn and possess knowledge in the advance fields of Civil Engineering
  2. To enable students to think creatively and critically in order to solve non-trivial problems.
  3. To strengthen students capabilities to use civil engineering knowledge to develop efficient solutions for real life problems.
  4. To develop student’s capacity to design solutions through clearly defined research activities

Program Scope:

Higher degrees are always helpful in creating knowledge and disseminating quality findings for advancement of research work.  The proposed program will cover all areas of civil engineering with specific focus in Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geo-tech Engineering.  The program will use similar degree courses as laid down by Higher Education Commission.  This program will be relevant in terms of job creation and introduction and implementation of the latest technologies in the field of Civil Engineering. 


The minimum duration of the PhD is 3 years and maximum duration is 8 years as per HEC policy.

Admission Requirements/Eligibility:

  1. CGPA Requirement

18 years of education in related discipline as given below with minimum CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 (in the Semester System) or First Division i.e., 60% (in the Annual System) in MPhil /MS or Equivalent with research work. Percentage will be valid only if the CGPA is not mentioned in Degree/transcript.

  1. Subject Test

A subject test conducted by the National Testing Service (NTS) or ETS, USA in the area of specialization chosen at the PhD level must be cleared prior to admission for the PhD program.

  1. GAT (Subject) Test for Direct PhD program by NTS (Score>60%) or
  2. GRE (Subject) Test minimum by ETS, USA (Score> 60 percentile).







Analytical Writing



  1. Other Requirements:


  1. MS/MPhil/Equivalent degree must be approved by HEC.
  2. Valid GRE/GAT score at the start of semester date/joining date of PhD program.
  3. Foreign qualified candidate to provide recognition and equivalence certificate of MS/MPhil from HEC.
  4. Percentage will be valid only if CGPA is not mentioned in degree/transcript.

Award of PhD Degree:

  1. Course work:

Course work of 18 credit hours of 700/800 level with CGPA of 3.0 is required to be completed followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher.

  1. Research Monitoring Committee (RMC):

A research monitoring committee (RMC) for every PhD scholar will be constituted. The committee will comprise of:

  1. Research Supervisor
  2. Dean (Engineering)
  3. Head of the Department
  4. One Internal member having PhD
  5. Two External Member having PhD in Similar area
  6. Industry Expert


  1. Comprehensive Exam & Thesis proposal Defense

Each student must pass the PhD comprehensive examination with a minimum of 60% marks in each paper and at least 65% overall marks

The Oral Examination (Thesis Proposal Defense) by majority vote. Each student must carry out literature survey and prepare a written synopsis of his/her intended topic of research and present the same along with research plan at the beginning of the Oral Examination part of the Qualifying Examination for approval.


  1. Research Work
  2. Research Paper Acceptance:

Acceptance / publication of at least one research paper in HEC approved “W” category journal. Only that publication, related to the research work, will be counted in which student name is that of the 1st author.

  1. Plagiarism Check of Thesis:

The plagiarism check will be carried out on the dissertation before its submission to the two foreign experts to ensure plagiarism is not above 19%.

  1. Foreign Expert Evaluation:

The PhD Dissertation will be evaluated by at least two PhD experts from technologically / academically advanced foreign countries.

  1. Open Defense:

An open Defense / Viva of PhD Dissertation will be conducted in the presence Two External Examiners after Positive evaluation by the foreign experts.

  1. Submission of Thesis: Five bound copies of the corrected Thesis may be submitted after successful defense within 90 days from the date of thesis defense. Request may be made to the department to relax the period of thesis submission to incorporate any additional requirement of the Defense Committee.
  2. Copy of PhD Dissertation to HEC:

A copy of PhD dissertation (both hard and soft) will be submitted to HEC for Record in PhD. Country Directory.


PhD in Civil Engineering

PhD specialization Area in Civil Engineering:

Each student is required to take 6 courses of 18 credit hours (CH) and to do research of 30 CH during the PhD study.

The course listing for various PhD specialization area in Civil Engineering given below.

Area of specialization:

  1. Structural Engineering   
  2. Water Resources Engineering
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Geo-Technical Engineering


Core Courses (Structural Engineering):

Sr. No

Course Code



CE 710

Design of High Rise Buildings


CE 711

Computational Structural Dynamics


CE 712

Seismic Analysis and Structural Design


CE 713

Advanced Bridge Engineering


CE 814

Applied Steel Structures


CE 815

Finite Element Methods & Applications


CE 816

Seismic Design for Hydraulic Structures



Core courses (Transportation Engineering):

Sr. No

Course Code



CE 720

Advanced Pavement Analysis and Design


CE 721

Geometric Design for Highways & Pavements


CE 722

Harbor, Dock and Key Structures


CE 723

Advanced Bridge and Tunnel Engineering


CE 824

Application of RS & GIS in Transportation


CE 825

Transportation Infrastructure & Asset Management


CE 826

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)



Core courses (Water Resources Engineering):

Sr. No

Course Code



CE 730

Applied Fluid Mechanics


CE 731

GIS and Remote Sensing


CE 732

Applied Hydraulics


CE 733

Climate Change and Hydrological Cycle


CE 834

Water Quality Management and Climate Change


CE 835

Advanced Dam Engineering


CE 836

Urban Flood Modelling Techniques





Core courses (Geotechnical Engineering):

Sr. No

Course Code



CE 740

Applied Slope Mechanics


CE 741

Design of Deep Foundation


CE 742

Applications of Rock Engineering


CE 743

Earth Reinforcement and Soil Stabilization 



Advanced Geotechnical Analysis and Design


CE 845

Earthen Dams Design and Construction Management


CE 846

Advanced Rock Mechanics



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