Programs - BS International Relations


The IR program has been designed in accordance with HEC requirements in order to meet the future needs of the learners to have sufficient knowledge, vision and expertise to analyze the different aspects and waves of international politics.

Students are provided the opportunities to visit various organizations and institutions involved in foreign policy making process / international relations such as Foreign Office, Parliament and various research organizations. This will help the students to establish a link between theory and practice of International Relations by the interaction with the practitioners.

Moreover regular seminars, workshops and conferences are arranged by the department on weekly / fortnightly / monthly basis.

The department of International Relations also offers BSIR research specialization of 06 credit hours in the areas of regional politics, foreign policy, conflict resolutions, international organizations, geopolitics, Pakistan affairs and emerging trends of world orders.

Admission requirements


o    At least 45% marks in HSSC or an equivalent examination as determined by IBCC

Selection Criteria:

Admission based on any of the following Entrance Examinations

o    MY University Entrance Examination

o    NAT-IE / NAT-ICS / NAT-IA conducted by NTS

o    HAT-UG-E / HAT-UG-CS / HAT-UG-A / HAT-UG-M / HAT-UG-GS / HAT-UG-I.COM conducted by ETC of HEC

o    SAT-I conducted by ETS (USA)

Merit Formula

SSC or Equivalent


HSSC Pre-Engineering (Part-I) or Equivalent


Entrance Examination



Degree requirements

A minimum of 130 Credit hours are required for acquiring BS IR Degree

  • 25 Credit hours will consist of Compulsory Courses
  • 18 - 21 Credit hours from General Courses
  • 30-33 Credit hours must be earned taking Discipline Specific Foundational Courses.
  • 36-42 credit hours will be given to major courses including research project/internship
  • 12 credit hours will be given to Elective Courses within the major

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