Programs - PhD International Relations

Objectives of the Program:-

Main purpose of PhD Programme of 3 to 5 years in International Relations is to prepare graduates having a deep knowledge of the subject as well as ability to analyze any given situation and draw out conclusions. The syllabus of the subject is designed by keeping in the view that following objectives.


  1. To equip the students with essential tools and techniques of research. It will enable them to analyze any given situation/issue and suggest its possible solutions.


  1. To make the students able to specialize in a large range of subjects such as Foreign Policy of Great Powers, issues relating to Arms Control and Disarmament, Conflict and cooperation in South Asia, and National Security Issues in Contemporary Pakistan.


  1. To equip students with a range of important skills such as working independently as well as part of a team by constructing coherent, independent and critical arguments.


  1. To enable students to serve in the diverse fields in all walks of professional life ranging from civil services to media and from NGOs to think tanks and to undertake research studies and projects


Scheme of Studies for PhD (3—5 years) in International Relations

Following is the scheme of studies for 3 – 5 Years PhD in International Relations of 30 credit hours including 12 credit hours of thesis, which is compulsory.

List of Core Courses

1. International Relations: Advanced Theory and Practice (3 Credit Hours)

2. Advanced Research Methodology (3 Credit Hours)

Scheme of Studies for PhD (3—5 years) in International Relations



Code & Name of Subject

Credits Hours



IR-701: International Relations: Advanced Theory and Practice

(Core Course)


Total Credits: 9

IR-702: Advanced Research Methodology ( Core Course)


IR-703: Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia ( Optional/Elective1)





IR-704: International Security, Arms Control, and Nuclear NonProliferation



Total Credits: 9

IR-705: Foreign Policy Analyses (Optional/Elective-3)



IR-706: National Security Issues in Contemporary Pakistan (Optional/Elective-4)


Third to Six



Total Credits: 12


Total Credit Hours






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