Programs - BS Electrical Engineering Technology

BS Electrical Engineering Technology



The curriculum in the BS program in Electrical Engineering Technology builds upon the skills learned in the first two years and adds more advanced study in the areas of signals and systems, microprocessors, sensors and instrumentation, power systems, mechatronics, and engineering technology management. With its complimentary design, graduates will be equipped to become active members in the industry and keep pace with the ever-changing field. The graduates work as electrical technologists.

Students completing the degree program will obtain knowledge in power systems, controls, microcontrollers, sensors and instrumentation, as well as the growing area of mechatronics. Graduates may continue toward a master’s degree in electrical engineering at different universities across the globe.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Secure gainful and meaningful careers as electrical engineering technologists.
  2. Embark on careers of personal and professional growth.
  3. Pursue life-long learning to enhance their undergraduate degree, through formal educations and/or certification in order to improve their careers.


Program Scheme of Studies


Eligibility Criteria:

(Minimum Criteria for Admission)

Minimum 45% marks in HSSC Pre-Engg or equivalent in Mathematics and physics, Three year D.A.E Electrical with minimum 50% marks.


(Years of study)

4 years

Semester Duration:  (Weeks)

Sixteen (16) weeks of instruction

Plus one (1) to two (2) weeks for examinations



Course Load per Semester:

(Credit Hours)            



Number of Courses per semester:


 Structure of the Scheme


Courses Credit Hours 



Core Courses:

(Credit Hours)  


Foundation Courses :

(Credit Hours)  


Major Courses:        

(Credit Hours)  


Technical Electives:  

(Credit Hours)              


General Electives:

(Credit Hours)            


Supporting Science: 

(Credit Hours)            


University Electives: 

(Credit Hours)  


Total Credit Hours: 






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