Programs - BS Electronics Engineering Technology

BS Electronics Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a variety of fields, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, and semiconductors - wherever there is a need for the design, testing, and manufacturing of hardware and software for all things electrical. The curriculum focuses on the application of electronics principles and critical thinking to the solution of practical problems. Students learn to use math and computers to solve circuit problems, they learn about equipment testing, and they learn how to apply the technologies they learn and the fundamentals of electronics to address real-world problems. The program also prepares highly motivated students who are interested in continuing their studies to pursue an advanced degree in Electronic Engineering.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Successfully employed in engineering technology or a related field, or be accepted into a graduate program.
  2. Effective in technical problem identification and analysis, problem solving or system design in a variety of technical roles.
  3. Effective as a professional through communication skills, project management skills, ethical conduct, social awareness and teamwork
  4. Technically current through continued education and professional development


Curriculum Review Basis BS Degree

The curriculum for the undergraduate degree program is based on the Standardized Format/Scheme of Studies for Four-Year Integrated Curricula for Bachelor Degree in Basic, Social, Natural and Applied Sciences.


Eligibility Criteria:

(Minimum Criteria for Admission)

Minimum 45% marks in HSSC Pre-Engg or equivalent in Mathematics and physics, Three year D.A.E Electrical with minimum 50% marks.


(Years of study)

4 years

Semester Duration:  (Weeks)

Sixteen (16) weeks of instruction

Plus one (1) to two (2) weeks for examinations



Course Load per Semester:

(Credit Hours)            



Number of Courses per semester:


 Structure of the Scheme

Courses Credit Hours 


Core Courses:

(Credit Hours)  


Foundation Courses :

(Credit Hours)  


Major Courses:        

(Credit Hours)  


Technical Electives:  

(Credit Hours)              


General Electives:

(Credit Hours)            


Supporting Science: 

(Credit Hours)            


University Electives: 

(Credit Hours)  


Total Credit Hours: 





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