Programs - B.Ed 1.5 Year

Eligibility Criteria for B.Ed. 1.5 years program

The proposed eligibility criteria for admission in B. Ed 1.5 years Program is as under:



1) MA/M. Sc /MCS/M.Com / or equivalent (16 year education) with minimum 2nd Division.

Duration of Program 1.5 Years
Semester Duration 16-18 weeks
Semesters 3
Course Load per Semester 18 Credit Hours
Number of Courses per semester 5-6


Structure of the Scheme

S.#  Courses   Number of courses Credit Hours
1 Compulsory Course 8 24
2 Elective Courses 6 18
3 Optional Courses 1 03
4 Teaching Practice 2 06
  Total Credit Hours 51


Compulsory Subjects

1.         Educational Psychology                                                                                

2.         Curriculum Development                                                                             

3.         Educational Assessment and Evaluation                                                      

4.         Teaching and Learning Strategies and Reflective Practices            

5.         Philosophy of Education                                                                               

6.         Computer Applications in Education                                               

7.         Educational Research                                                                        

8.         School, Society and Teacher

Elective Subjects

 9.        Teaching of English  

10.       Teaching of Urdu                                                      


A.        1st Area of Specialization

1.         Educational Management: Service and Financial Rule, and Code of Conduct           

2.         Educational Planning


B.        2nd Area of Specialization

1.         Curriculum Change                                                   

2.         Pattern of Curriculum                                   

Optional Subjects

Research Project

OR one course in lieu thereof out of the following;

i.          Distance and Non Formal Education

ii.         Assessment in Science Education

iii.       Teaching Strategies

iv.        Educational Leadership and Management

Teaching Practice

1.         Teaching Practice-I

2.         Teaching Practice-II

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