Programs - MPhil Education

Objectives of the Program
The program focuses on extending the knowledge and research expertise of students through scientific inquiry. It is designed for individuals who have the intellectual capacity for advanced research and who wish to contribute to future development of Education as a discipline.
Scope Regarding Market, Social, and Employment Perspectives of Program
The degree program provides the participants with an understanding of the educational process, equips them with methodological skills for conducting different types of research, and helps them to become proficient educational leaders for both public and private sector institutes. Additionally, the program enables them to become aware of new trends and various techniques in the educational process and evaluation.The MPhil Education program opens up numerous career prospects for graduates and prepares them for various professional fields such as research associates, project officers, librarians, jobs in the publishing sector, education sector, hospitality sector, etc.

Scheme of StudiesMPhil EducationDuration: 4 Semester/2 Years

degree programTotal Credit Hours = 30General Courses (3 courses, 12 Credit Hours) 




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