Programs - PhD Management and Social Sciences

Objectives of the Program 
The PhD program is essentially a research based degree program intended to investigate and find solutions to the problems besetting our national economy. By knowing the significance of research, students across the country have shown their deep interest regarding the PhD to be done at MY University, Islamabad. Being a vast area to be study, PhD in Management Sciences makes it an ideal program for the intended students. This program will provide substantial training including critical literature review, research techniques and methods used in the field of business. Moreover and understanding of theatrical and philosophical underpinnings will also be included during the training sessions. These training sessions will be taken in the form of lectures during their course work. The research based thesis will enable students to apply research skills and will also develop indepth knowledge in their specialized research area. Our philosophy is that postgraduate business and management students need the understanding and skills associated with high quality academic research. This approach applies equally to those who become either academic scholars or professional practitioners.
Scope Regarding Market
Heaving PhD in Management Science have a multidisciplinary atmosphere, which focuses on innovative technologies to efficiently run different businesses. It uses a combination of analytical models and behavioral sciences to address societies’ most complex problems.
The scope of management science had been growing ever since the business world is expanding. All organizations and firms in the country and worldwide need a business manager or finance manager to manage the growth of their business in the most excellent, professional and ethical way. The best choice of every business firm for the business managers is STMU for its exceptional policies of teachings and offering the outside world the candidate who have all the knowledge to lead the business firms and make it out stand all the others.

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MY University is a springboard for learning. It is committed to high quality teaching with a thriving interactive culture. That's why we have established a strong support system between students and staff. They work on professionalism, teamwork, respect, integrity, mentorship, systems thinking and communication skills. We intend to recruit a diverse intake of students – the best and the truest of a kind – as it is our vision to see the institution par excellence in the days ahead.

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