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Lost for direction in life!

If for any `fortunate’ or `unfortunate’ reason at any stage in your life, you were not able to continue your studies, do not fret, it only causes harm. We encourage young and even mature (married or unmarried) men and women to come forward and join My University and finish the unfinished task of completing their educational goals. It’s never too late. We have known fathers and sons sit for the same exam in the same year. Pick up the phone and talk to our office staff. Your `unscheduled’ vacation is over! Act now or else you will end up writing “Fortunately-Unfortunately” poems rest of your life.



Everyone, including those with physical disabilities, have the right to appropriate education advancement with professional degrees. Special attention and consideration must be given to physically handicapped persons who are keen to pursue higher education. In this way they will gain the level of confidence needed to live normal and productive lives. And this is possible only if they are able to study alongside other mainstream students in proper institutions. My University welcomes such individuals and is ready to help such persons, even if it means making a way out of no way!


Language Support

We believe it is the right of all – young and not-so-young people to be able to study at a class university like My University irrespective of their family and educational handicaps. We are ready to provide language support to students whose English proficiency is not up to the required standards. We will do everything possible to help students who feel the need, and who we feel, need special English language classes. It has to be your personal initiative. No one likes drop-outs, neither do we! (For more information contact admin office)



Choosing which school to go to is a stepping stone for a bright start. Between school and college, you have a chance to make amends if a choice falls flat. But perhaps, the most crucial academic decision you will make in your life is picking the university you graduate from.


At MY University, we make that a convenient choice. The two F words we subscribe to are Faculty and Facility — the former old is gold in experience, and the latter, shimmering new.


We are not here to make the numbers; we are here to make a difference. Like you deserve. Like how every career choice should be made. Like Stepping Into Tomorrow. Make that choice today. Here and now!

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