"Groom visionaries for social, economic and spiritual well-being of societies"


MY Mission is based on four founding pillars:

  • Groom moral humans, who have a passion to lead life by design, to build inclusive happy communities;
  • Produce a pool of exponential thinkers for disruptive innovations;
  • Collaborate with communities and industry to undertake meaningful education, research and innovation for society centric equitable social, economic and spiritual progress;
  • Foster an ecosystem that germinates an entrepreneurial mindset for inventions.

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Welcome To MY University

MY University is a springboard for learning. It is committed to high quality teaching with a thriving interactive culture. That's why we have established a strong support system between students and staff. They work on professionalism, teamwork, respect, integrity, mentorship, systems thinking and communication skills. We intend to recruit a diverse intake of students – the best and the truest of a kind – as it is our vision to see the institution par excellence in the days ahead.

News & Events

A Seminar for the Faculty MYU Members
February 28, 2020
MYU, City Campus, G-10/4, Islamabad
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VC MYU attended 28th Vice Chancellor Meeting
March 06, 2020
Margalla Hotel, Islamabad
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Welcome Party Batch 2019,
January 18, 2020
Imperial Marquee, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.
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