Scholarships And Financial Assistance

There are two extreme perceptions about scholarships that educational institutions offer to students. One group thinks it is a financial grant awarded to bright students irrespective of their personal or family circumstances. The other strongly feels it is not just the right of the "bright" alone, but also of the "right" student —meaning deserving or the less fortunate in terms of their financial position and academic performance.

MYU is fully aware and supportive as well as sympathetic to both views. We would welcome applications from the "right" and the "bright" students provided they can prove their genuine need for a financial grant.   Also, some students think that only school seniors can apply for awards but the reality is that scholarships are available for all classes of students. The grant would be to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements.

MYU  is aware that there are a number of people who would love to apply for a dream course and are unable to because of financial circumstances. If you have a deep calling for a certain course or career but do not have the financial means, MYU  is offering 5-100% of the total cost of education to a deserving student during a given academic year after evaluation on case to case basis approved by MY Trust. Remember scholarships are financed with funds generated out of love for education and the educated. Scrutiny of applications takes time and effort.

Remember scholarships are not available in every weather or season – act at the right time, preferably at the time of applying for admission. Please examine your conscience before deciding whether to apply or not.  In doing so, don't forget to think of the millions out there who are less fortunate than you in many ways and deserve to be studying alongside you. Rejoice in your blessings and make way for the unknown but deserving individual.

Merit Criteria

MY University offers 100% tuition fee waiver in the form of merit scholarships on the basis of academic excellence in F.A/F.Sc examinations held under the annual system of examination. Eligibility for merit scholarships is determined on the basis of three 'As' in A-level secured in one attempt for BS Programs or 80% aggregate marks in F.A / F.Sc Examination for BS Programs. MY University also offers 50% tuition fee waiver on the basis of 75% marks in F.A/ F.Sc examinations held under the annual system of examination or 2 'Bs' or better in A Level secured in one attempt.

Students who are granted scholarships receive exemption from tuition fee in the first semester. Tuition fee exemption is extended to the subsequent semesters if a student maintains CGPA of 3.80 or higher. If a student on a merit scholarship fails to achieve a CGPA of 3.80 or higher but has a CGPA of 3.50 or higher, then 50% of the tuition fee waiver is given in the subsequent terms. If it falls further to any level between 3.50 to 3.25, the concession is further reduced to 25% of the concession being availed. A position holder in Board/University will also be offered a merit scholarship on the aforementioned criteria.

Financial Assistance For Disabled Students.

100% fee concession is allowed to students with major disabillity and 50% to students with minor disabillity duly evaluated by MY Trust. Such a concession requires maintaining a CGPA of 2.80 in both cases.

Faculty Development.

MY University offers financial assistance to faculty members who want to enhance their qualifications at MY University under the Faculty Development Program. Various financial schemes offered to those who enroll themselves in MS or PhD programs are:


  •     100% with minimum service of 07 years
  •     75% with minimum service of 05 years
  •     50% with minimum service of 03 years
  •     30% with minimum service of 02 year

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