Fee Structure

The fee structure for the students registered in the academic year 2021-22 in different disciplines of undergraduate & postgraduate is as under:

Programs Per Semester Tuition Fee
 Associate Degree in Artifical Intelligence 70,000
 Associate Degree in Biotechnology 55,000
 Associate Degree in Business Administration 80,000
 Associate Degree in Computer Science 66,330
 Associate Degree in Cyber Security 70,000
 Associate Degree in English Language & Literature 50,000
 Associate Degree in International Relations 43,945
 Associate Degree in Psychology 50,000
 Associate Degree in Software Engineering 70,000
 Associate Degree in Sports Science & physical Education 35,000
 ADP Graphics Designing 60,000
 ADP Data Science 60,000
 ADP Biological Sciences 60,000
 ADP Accounting & Finance 60,000
 ADP International Marketing and E-Commerce 60,000
 B.Ed (1.5 Years) 35,000
 Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences 60,000
 Doctor of Physical Therapy 80,000
 Medical Imaging Technology 60,000
 Medical Lab Technology 60,000
 Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) 80,000
 BS Artificial Integence 70,000
 BS Biotechnology 55,000
 BS Civil Engineering 149,600
 BS Computer Science 66,330
 BS Computer Science (Bridge Program) 66,330
 BS Cyber Security 70,000
 BS Economics 50,000
 BS Electrical Engineering 112,320
 BS English 50,000
 BS International Relations 43,945
 BS International Relations (Bridge Program) 43,945
 BS Psychology 50,000
 BS Software Engineering 70,000
 BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education 40,000
 MBA 60,000
 MS International Relations 60,000
 MS Biological Sciences 58,000
 MS Electrical Engineering (EE) 80,000
 MS Civil Engineering (CE) Weekend program 90,000
 MS Computer Science (CS) Evening programs 63,750
 MS Computer Science (CS) Weekend programs 75,000
 MS International Relations (IR) Weekend programs 60,000
 MS Cyber Security (Regular) 63,750
 MS Cyber Security (Weekends) 75,000
 MS Management Sciences 80,000
 MPhil English (Literature) 75,000
 Mphil Education 60,000
 Mphil Islamic Studies 60,000
 MPhil Psychology 58,000
 MPhil Mathematics 58,000
 MPhil Urdu 58,000
 MPhil Sports Sciences and Physical Education 90,000
 MPhil Sports Sciences and Physical Education (Weekend program) 90,000
 PhD Computer Science 90,000
 PhD Civil Engineering 115,000
 PhD International Relations (IR) 90,000
 PhD Islamic Studies 90,000
 PhD Management Sciences 120,000
 PhD Education 90,000
 PhD English (Literature) 80,000
 PhD Urdu 100,000
 Admission Application Processing Charges 1,500 (Non-Refundable) Admission fee 20,000 (At the time of Admission-Once)and Security fee 10,000 (Refundable After Clearence)

Payment of Student Fees:

  • At the time of admission students have to pay the admission processing fee, security and full semester fee in advance.
  • Tuition fee will be payable on semester basis. Students must have to pay their fee in advance before the commencement of semester.
  • Through an amendment in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by Finance Act 2013, advance tax (under section 236 I) shall be collected @ 5% on the entire amount of fee (if Student's Payable fee exceeds from Rs. 200,000/- per annum excluding the amount refundable).
  • Advance tax paid on fee is adjustable at the time of filing of Income tax return. MYU will issue Advance Tax Certificate in this regard at year-end.
  • However 5% advance tax is not applicable if parents/guardians of student are active taxpayer "or" parents/guardians are not residing in Pakistan
  • 5% advance tax is deducted in every spring semester. Students eligible for the waiver of this tax may contact fee section before the due date of spring semester fee.
  • All students are responsible to keep in record the copies of paid Challan throughout their academic tenure.

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