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MY University, a federally chartered university. It's is to realize its vision through carefully planned comprehensive four-pillar strategy:

  • Preparing for Future Disruptive Technologies,
  • Applied Research & Innovation,
  • Developing entrepreneurial eco-system,
  • People Development.
MYU Auditorium

Our programs challenge the intellectual faculties of students to solve real-world society centric complex problems instead of merely promoting grade-driven rote learning. We focus on project- based learning and problem solving instead of focusing only on exam-based learning. Our teaching is student-centered instead of teacher-centered with clearly defined program outcomes that are mapped to course learning outcomes.

Unlike most universities in Pakistan, where salary is the only motivating factor for faculty, MY University is attracting excellent faculty only, by offering career plan, clearly defined career milestones with tenured promotions and retirement benefits. MY University provides an enabling environment that allows everyone to explore their passion and then make a lifelong vision.

MYU Class

MYU Class

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