Message From Patron

Dr Samar Mubarakmand

The education sector is undergoing a massive change, evolving from government-funded institutions into private `know-how hubs’ often dubbed third generation universities, or 3Gus – a coalition of various academic departments and intelligentsia. This change can be explored by tracing the historic development of universities over the centuries. The new role of universities is that of bakeries of science or technology-based commercial activities and by taking an active part in the exploitation of the knowledge they create and impart. I am confident that MY University will attract students with career and employability plans, and the skills gained will open doors for a range of career opportunities for them. I am a product of the old school that produced a high percentage of well-educated students. I have seen many stories of hard work and success come out of amazing educational institutions. I am sure MY University will be joining their ranks in future. Answer the call of your heart; surely MY University will inspire you to bring the best within you!


Patron, MY University